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  • Are you a woman (over 50) who's a successful entrepreneur and also challenged as you navigate around and through classic midlife issues?
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A Brief Introduction To The Women in the Middle® Entrepreneurs Podcast:

The Women in the Middle® Entrepreneurs Podcast® is a show built for midlife women (over 50) who are successful entrepreneurs from a variety of businesses looking to start loving their lives even more as they navigate midlife waters. 🎙🚀 (Note: when I recorded the video above, the name of the podcast wasn't final.)

On this show, we interview women business owners about the success & challenges they've experienced as an entrepreneur in midlife. 🔥

Our goals are to talk about:

1) the real challenges midlife entrepreneurs like you face, especially when trying to love your WHOLE life (not just work life)

2)what it's like when you've lost track of who you are and what you want because you haven't checked in with your actual dreams in decades OR

3) the experience of being so busy dealing with midlife issues that your feel like you've lost control of focusing on your priorities (if you even know what they are!)

As well as giving our audience an unfiltered, behind the scenes look at what it's really like being a "women in the middle," we'll dive into the current (and very real) challenges that these extraordinary women (who are just like you) are facing.

Not just in business, but in their lives overall.

We'll also cover some of the best ways to solve these problems so both they (and our listeners) can go out and start loving their lives again after 50!

Who should apply to be featured on the show?

✅ We are currently interviewing midlife women (over 50) who are 40K+ entrepreneurs and understand and are experiencing the classic midlife issues in their lives even though their business is successful.

✅We're looking to interview women entrepreneurs from a wide variety of business experiences (bricks and mortar, solopreneurs and from larger companies) who work with a wide variety of people (preferably not only midlife women).

What topics do we discuss on the show?

💬 On the show, we break down exactly what's worked and what hasn't, what helps you and what slows you down, what keeps you moving forward and what's keeping you challenged ...as you are running busy, successful business.

This includes the specific challenges our guests are facing with things like: work/life balance, self-care, changing priorities, caring for elderly parents, self-accountability, relationships (including empty nest), menopause, mindset about aging and feeling fulfilled professionally and personally.

This is ALL part of the entrepreneurial experience for women our age.

What is the end goal our audience and guests are looking to achieve?

📍 Our goal is to help successful women entrepreneurs (over 50) get their message out about their businesses AND be authentic as they share their story about the reality of running their businesses in midlife. We will also talk about what they want in their next chapter as entrepreneurs and how they will have the courage and commitment to pursue their goals, so they love their lives and create success ON PURPOSE.

Why is this show different?

💥 Instead of focusing on telling your story of how you WERE when you were stuck and unclear about your entrepreneurial journey... we want this podcast to delve into the very real challenges you face as a midlife entrepreneur today while you're a successful entrepreneur.

This is a big deal in midlife, especially, when looking at your business and your life together. As well, your perspective about the impact of your age on these challenges is so important, so we will be talking about that too.

On this podcast we talk about the very personal challenges our interview guests are facing with growing and running a successful business at their age and stage of life. We also discuss one of the most important things to all midlife women... finally feeling excited about their lives again and not having regrets.


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